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Understanding Some of the Basic Rights and Duties of Representatives

Democracies all across the world assume a general pattern and form. In as much as they may be modelled a little differently from one country to the other depending on their specific needs and civic needs, there is a common trend that all of them seem to assume. In this post, we will be looking at some of the basics when it comes to the duties and rights of a house of representatives as is commonly modelled in the various democracies. Read on for more information.

The house of representatives basically has two main duties and these are the making of laws and scrutinizing the government works and projects. There will in most cases be a senate and it is the house that remains charged with the responsibility of considering the bills as they come approved by the House of Representatives. By and large, the senate makes rather limited use of its right to scrutinize the works undertaken by the federal governments, or national governments as in other jurisdictions. It is these two houses, the senate and the House of Representatives that make the parliament. It is the government’s responsibility to furnish either houses with the necessary information for the houses to be able to scrutinize these projects effectively. This is often as underpinned in the constitution of the land.

The constitution will in most cases have set forth the various rights of the two houses. Doing this, they will be able to effectively execute their tasks and responsibilities. Some of these rights are such as the right to approve or reject the budget laid out by the national or federal government. The other right is that of inquiry. All members of either houses have the right to scrutinize and question the cabinet as is often provided for in the house’s orders of operation. Added to this, they as well have the right to make proposals for motions. Given this, when you are looking at one to be a representative in your state in the House of Representatives, there are some qualities and attributes that the particular individual needs to possess. At the very least, they need to be articulate and have a great sense of leadership qualities. A keen eye for details and procedure must as well be a part of their attributes. Click here to read more now.

There are some exclusive rights that the house of representatives has and these are provided so as to be able to so precisely execute their mandate. Some of these are such as the right to make amendment to bills and that right to propose bills, otherwise known as the right of initiative.

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