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Surprising Things You Should Know About Dennis Bonnen

Dennis Higgins Bonnen, who was born on the third day of Match 1972, is currently the speaker of the House of Representatives, Texas. He is a Republican who has represented District 25 for more than twenty years. In 2013, Dennis Bonnen was appointed by Joe Straus, who was speaker then, and he got the chance to act as the presiding officer of the house whenever the speaker was absent. In early 2019, Dennis Bonnen was elected by the House Representatives in Texas and has since served as the Speaker of the house.Click here to discover more.

At a young age of 24 years, Dennis Bonnen was first elected as the District 25 representative in 1996. When Joe Straus, the then-House speaker, announced his retirement, Bonnen appeared to be the preferred Republican candidate to replace him. Many leaders, including at least three Republicans, spoke highly about the leadership skills and potential of Dennis Bonnen.

Dennis Bonnen is a native of Angleton and currently resides in Lake Jackson. He attended Angleton High School, went to St.Edward’s University, where he graduated in 1990 with a Political Science Bachelor’s Degree. In 2011, Bonnen was awarded the Alumni Achievement Award from the same university. Dennis Bonnen became a member of Bob Dole’s advance team in 1995 when the later was running for president. When Dole conceded defeat to Bill Clinton, Dennis Bonnen won the legislative seat in 1996. Read more about this company.

In 2007, speaker Dennis sponsored legislation to block Rick Perry, who was then the Republican governor from authorizing the mandate that underage girls be vaccinated against HPV. Dennis Bonnen was among those who voted against the amendment to a section of the law that sought to ban smoking in public places in 2011 but was unsuccessful. He also opposed the legislation which sought to establish corporal punishment as a way of instilling discipline in public schools. He was also in support of the motion that required women to first undergo a sonogram before being allowed to procure an abortion.

Dennis Bonnen, in 2015, authored legislation which the Texas governor deemed an emergency and which intended to keep the National Guard patrolling the border. The bill also sought to increase the personnel at the Department of Public Safety as well as establishing a transnational crime center on the border so that the crime data could be effectively analyzed. These are just some of the motions and legislations that marked part of Dennis Bonnen’s career.

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